UCSC to host Apologetics Seminar, Oldham to speak

What do the three-time CrossFit champion, the Pro Scout for the Green Bay Packers and the president of our university all have in common? Rich Froning, Chad Brinker and President Oldham will all be speaking about their faith at 217 Faith, an event brought to campus by FCA and USCS Collegeside. The speakers will be taking on this campus’ questions regarding faith and what religion means to people of Tech.

The event began with ‘Mission Mondays,’ a new outreach the University Christian Student Center implemented this semester. Participants visit various locations on such as the library, dorms and fraternity houses to build relationships with an assortment of students.

Sophomore Andrew Jones said, “Instead of waiting for people to come to us, we’re going to them.”

Students who were contacted were asked, “Do you believe in God? Why or why not?” The goal was for the UCSC students to gain a better understanding of how this campus feels about God and religion. They gave students the opportunity to speak freely and ask any questions they might have about Christianity. Students responded with a variety of questions including, “If God is so perfect, why would he make something imperfect?” “How do you explain such things?” “Is the Bible still accurate and valid in today’s society?”

To the best of their abilities, these speakers will address the questions that have been previously gathered and help shed a better light on the subject of Christianity at 217 Faith, an open evangelic event.

Collegeside’s campus minister and FCA character coach for Tech football Chip Pugh said the event arose out of need.