No update available on SAE fire

The investigation of the former S.A.E. house fire is ongoing. Police are continuing to conduct interviews with people who might have been involved.

Tech Activities Director Mark Ochsenbein, “It really comes out of the D.A.’s office…how they charge it, who they charge, if they charge anyone.”

If the fire is ruled an arson, which is still undetermined, anyone found responsible will be charged with aggravated arson due to the fact a firefighter was injured.

“We are gathering names, we’ve got information, and we’ve got the police reports,” Ochsenbein said. “It is coming along well.”

Sigma Alpha Epsilon continues to operate under the cease-and-desist ordered the day of the incident. This bars the fraternity from all chapter operations with the exception of advisement meetings. It will remain in place until the investigation concludes.

“Whatever we do will be well thought-out,” Ochsenbein said. “We’re going to do what is best for the University and the students.”