Students ask questions about faith

TTU students had an opportunity to ask Rich Froning, three-time World Cross Fit Champion, questions about his faith testimony Monday night.  On Sunday night, students queried Chad Brinker, professional scout for the Green Bay Packers. Tuesday night, Philip Oldham, TTU president, shared his faith walk.

These men opened up their beliefs to inspection during a three-night program presented in Derryberry Hall for believers and nonbelievers to investigate a higher academic critique of the Bible.  The 217 Faith program hosted by TTU’s University of Christian Student Center (USCS) was emceed by Chip Pugh.

Two representatives of the Warren Christian Apologetics Center were each allowed to present five-minute segments in response to questions that were originated by Tech students.  The premise of the forum format was to allow alternating arguments for the existence of God, the validity of the Bible, and the case of Jesus Christ on each consecutive evening. 

Dmitry Vereshclak, an MBA graduate of Tech, said he was very engrossed by the presentations.

“I am a believer, but I don’t know very much about the Bible,” Vereshclak said. 

Pierce Morrison, a manufacturing engineering student, said “the questions and answers help you to build your own faith.”

Bart Warren and Rolland Pack of the Warren Apologetics Center made the scholarly presentations answering inquiries such as “How does God reveal Bible messages to man?” “How does one account for the Genesis creation story being similar to the Mesopotamian creation stories?” and “How literal can the interpretations of the Bible be given there are inconsistencies with modern science?” 

While it was a lofty task to address these issues in such a short time, student Reid Morrison said he was left desiring more of the conversations.

“It’s hard to keep up but they make me want more,” Morrison said.  

Student Michael Huffman said, “My interest here is personal, a little over my head, but I appreciate their knowledge and I want to learn to defend the Bible.”

In light of the recent movie “God’s Not Dead” putting forth philosophical arguments for the existence of God, this timely presentation sparked a lot of interest.  Many young people in attendance said they identified with the sojourn Rich Froning talked about in his career to find that balance of self and following God.