Walking Dead season finale elicits mixed opinions

This past Sunday, the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead” aired its season four finale.  The finale saw Rick Grimes and the group trapped at Terminus, a place they thought was a safe haven but was actually a trap. 

This season saw the comeback and eventual fall of season three villain, The Governor, as well as the destruction of the prison as it was overrun by walkers. The second half of the season showed the group separately making their way toward Terminus, a place with the slogan “Those who arrive, survive.” 

The finale showed Rick and his son Carl, Daryl, and Michonne arriving at Terminus only for them all to be locked in a shipping container with the most of the other prison survivors. The episode ends with Rick saying “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” before cutting to black. 

Jessica Wilson, a senior communication major, said she was disappointed with the finale.

“I felt like the episode didn’t tie up loose ends like a season finale should,” said Wilson. 

“The show started out so good, but now I feel like they are dragging every detail out too far and ruining a lot of it,” Wilson said.   

Some fans agree with Wilson in saying the finale didn’t deliver things that it promised.  However, I thought the episode had great character development for Rick as we finally got to see what he is willing to do for his son, and we got a tender moment between him and Daryl, a favorite of most fans.  Despite my own feelings, I can see from where Wilson is coming. The early part of the season dealt with an infection and, three episodes later, it was solved with little fulfillment.

 Even though she didn’t care for the finale, Wilson said she will still be unable to avoid the show once it returns this October.  Regardless of the mixed reaction to the end of this season, I think most fans are anxious to see what Rick and company do at the beginning of season five later this year.