Brown impressed with spring practices

Tech’s football team ended its spring practices this week.

The Golden Eagles held 15 sessions of spring practice, including the annual Purple and Gold Game.

A common theme in the scrimmages has been emergence of young players, especially on the offense.

“We did get some injuries, but it was not too bad,” said Heach Coach Watson Brown. “We had goals of making sure we found the best players we got and fitting our systems to those players.”

Spring practice gives players the opportunity to impress coaches and move up the depth chart. Brown noticed several players during the spring sessions.

A new addition to the Tech offense has generated excitement among the players and coaches this spring. The new QW, quarterback-wide receiver, position on offense allows the Golden Eagles to be more flexible and the coaches to utilize the abundance of talent at the quarterback position.

“What we have done is created a QW position and a QB position,” said Brown. “We have them out there together. The number one reason I am excited about it is because we think we are getting the best players we have on the field together and that is really important.”

Coach Brown has high expectations for the Golden Eagles this upcoming season, especially when it comes to Ohio Valley Conference success.

“I think that we will go into the season where nobody will be better than us,” said Brown. “I just do not believe anybody in the league will have a better chance to have a shot at the title. I think there are going to be six or seven teams even as good as us. I believe it is going to be a toss-up year.”

The Golden Eagles will be searching for their first OVC title in three years.