Thrift shop fashion show hosts student designer’s skills

Tech’s Merchandising Association hosted the Thrift Store Couture fashion show and silent auction Tuesday night in the RUC Multipurpose Room.

The show featured a student design competition, some student work and looks from Luxe Boutique.

Jaylen Moore was co-director for Thrift Store Couture.

“This show turned out to be our best yet,” Moore said. “The planning was a bit chaotic, but, in the end, everything fell into place perfectly, and I had such a fun time designing for the competition.”

The eight women who participated in the design competition were allowed to use only four items from the local Goodwill store to create their designs.

Audrianna Lyles, a sophomore at Tech majoring in Merchandising and Design, took first place in the design competition with an Angelina Jolie-inspired shorts suit.

“Seeing it all come together, knowing that I gave it my all, I truly feel accomplished,” Lyles said.

Lyles also presented a mini collection of her clothing line, A. Anna, at the fashion show.

“I’ve been sketching out my designs since I could remember how to write and now seeing them come to life has helped me prove to myself that I can do it,” Lyles said.  “Mainly I want to create ready-to-wear clothing and a few couture items.”

Stacey Clark took second place in the design competition, and Jaylen Moore took third place.

“Everyone did a fabulous job,” Moore said. “I couldn’t be more proud of all the people that worked so hard to make it happen.”

The Merchandising Association hosts a fashion show each semester to provide students with fashion show and design experience and to raise money to fund trips and projects for the organization.

The Merchandising and Design Association is a part of the School of Human Ecology, which is currently located in Foundation Hall.