Tips and tricks for surviving this year’s Finals Week

Finals are fast approaching as Tech students begin to feel the rush to the end of another semester.

The questions on every student’s mind should be  “When should I start studying? How long should I study each subject in one day?”

“You need to start early,” said Edith Duvier, director of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center. “Give yourself plenty of time, because college finals are not like high school finals.” defines the word “study” as “the activity or process of learning about something by ready, memorizing facts, attending school, etc.” Another definition is “careful or extended consideration.” Cramming is defined as “to study a subject intensively, especially for an imminent examination.”

The New York Daily News released an article in 2012 concerning the subject that cramming is actually bad for your health and said that, according to the American Psychological Association, a student’s best bet is to study in smaller spurts throughout a semester and they will retain more information than if they studied in one uninterrupted session.

Duvier suggested managing time. With managing study time students won’t have to wait until the last minute to “cram” everything in.

         gives expert advice for giving students the best chance of success with 10 tips:

1.     Give yourself enough time to study: don’t leave it until the last minute.

2.     Organize your study space. Make sure to have space to spread out with plenty of light with no distractions around.

3.     Use flow charts and diagrams. Think about using visual aids!

4.     Practice old exams.

5.     Explain your answers to others.

6.     Organize study groups with friends.

7.     Take regular breaks.

8.     Snack on ‘brain food.’ Stay away from junk food!

9.     Plan your exam day.

10.  Drink plenty of water.


Final exams begin on Monday, May 5. Students can check their exam schedule at and clicking on “Spring 2014” tab.