Month: April 2014


Alph Psi Phi holds annual convention in STEM Center

The Alpha Psi Phi club held its annual Omnicon convention in the STEM Center this weekend. Despite having last-minute cancellations of a few guests, like Dameon Clarke, the convention still managed to attract more than 340 attendees. There was a large gaming room that was very active during all hours […]


Tech’s Women Center sponsors event for survivors of sexual abuse

#8220;If you love me, why do you hurt me?” read a blue shirt as it hung from the rope extending the Tech Pride Room. Every single minute of every day, more than one woman is raped in America, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, and our campus shone a […]


Students ask questions about faith

TTU students had an opportunity to ask Rich Froning, three-time World Cross Fit Champion, questions about his faith testimony Monday night.  On Sunday night, students queried Chad Brinker, professional scout for the Green Bay Packers. Tuesday night, Philip Oldham, TTU president, shared his faith walk. These men opened up their […]


Thief attempts to sell items stolen from professors on LSN

A woman was recently cited with theft after allegedly stealing items from several professors in Bruner Hall. Jennifer G. Halilou, 33, of Cummins Mill Road, Cookeville, was issued five citations over the last two weeks after reportedly admitting to stealing items on separate occasions, according to affidavits and citations from […]


Look like Katniss Everdeen for $25,000. Kitty did.

College savings. New car. Dream vacation. Nope-just plastic surgery. That’s what mother and wife Kitty decided to buy with her $25,000. This lady wanted to look like a celebrity and was “willing to pay for six plastic surgery procedures to carve herself into looking even more like Jennifer Lawrence,” according […]


Oldham speaks out about being a Christian on a secular campus

President Oldham had a lot of wise advice to offer students, faculty, staff and people of the community who attended the “2.17 Faith” event on Tuesday evening. The seminar came to a close with the final question of “Is Jesus Christ the son of God?” Bart Warren and Rolland Pack […]


Tragedy at Fort Hood shocks nation

Once again America is feeling the pain of loss, loss on our own turf. I honestly didn’t want to write anything on this newest tragedy, but everything in me is ready to cry out in agony because of more senseless bloodshed. My heart is angry, but the more I read […]


No update available on SAE fire

The investigation of the former S.A.E. house fire is ongoing. Police are continuing to conduct interviews with people who might have been involved. Tech Activities Director Mark Ochsenbein, “It really comes out of the D.A.’s office…how they charge it, who they charge, if they charge anyone.” If the fire is […]


SGA looks to TBR for policy changes

SGA approved a bill this week to help give students a bigger refund for classes they drop after the semester begins. Alex Martin, freshman senator, presented the bill during the April 1 meeting. “Essentially, what I want to do with this bill is to ensure a larger refund,” Martin said. […]



The Tech Army ROTC is hosting the 20th Annual Golden Eagle Country Run in less than a month. Door prizes and other goodies will be rewarded to the other participants. Awards will also be given to winners. The run/walk is one of the oldest and toughest in the Upper Cumberland […]