Dr. Ghorashi, build up this wall!

Dr. Bahman Ghorashi

An electronic interactive wall, also known as Tech Wall, is being discussed as a possible future accessory inside of Jere Whitson Memorial Building for the division of Enrollment Management.

Provost Bahman Ghorashi believes the Tech Wall and other technological transformations will recruit “attractive, qualified students to TTU.”

The Tech Wall is a near-term objective from the Flight Plan focusing on transforming technology to help increase enrollment.

Ghorashi said the Wall will provide students with pertinent information regarding various disciplines and majors. The Tech Wall would be installed in Jere Whitson after when construction is completed in about two years.

Prospective students will not be the only ones to benefit from this tool.

“We have students undecided at the freshman level,” said Ghorashi.

A student looking to change majors will be able to go to the Tech Wall and answer questions about their interests. Content provided by the different departments will match the student with the right major. The student can then watch a video about the department they are interested in.

Tennessee Tech is following in the footsteps of other universities with this technology. Other universities include: Illinois State University, which uses an electronic interactive wall to communicate student life to students; University of Missouri, which uses it to recruit athletes; and University of Florida, which uses it as a political poll to inform students about voting.