Career Services plans for upcoming Oct. Career Fair

Career Services is heralding in its semiannual career day with workshops this week that will prepare students for possible job opportunities.

Tech’s Career Services will host two events leading up to the career fair on Oct. 2.

A resume workshop will be held during dead hour Tuesday in Johnson Hall Auditorium. Students can bring in their resumes for Laurie Winton, recruiter from Aerospace Testing Alliance, to examine. Winton will give advice on how to make a resume stand out among the monotonous stream of applicants.

“It has been standing room only when it’s known that Laurie Winton is on campus,” said Haley. “She will tell you from the employer’s viewpoint, ‘This is what we want to see on a resume.’”

Tech alumna Domonique Townsend will host a workshop during dead hour Thursday in Johnson Hall Auditorium giving tips about the upcoming career fair. The idea is to help students make a good impression by explaining what employers look for in applicants.

“She’s walked the walk and talked the talk,” said Haley. “She knows what it’s like from the ground up.”

“In terms of career fairs, our events are the most highly attended by any TBR school in the state,” said Lynn Haley, director of Career Services. “When it comes to our annual fall career fair, we have over 2,000 students who come through and participate and meet with employers regarding co-op, internships and full-time employers.”

There are currently 117 employers registered for the career day, more than previous years. A full list of registered organizations can be found on the Career Services website.

Haley said being the most attended of any Tennessee Board of Regents school is a big deal in terms of both employer and student participation. Other TBR schools include Austin Peay State, Tennessee State and Middle Tennessee State University.

“We want to ensure, much as the University’s vision statement says, that we are helping to improve the student experience here by making you career ready,” said Haley.

Career Services advises students on how to properly prepare resumes, dress appropriately for interviews and strategize a job search.

The career fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 2 in the RUC Multipurpose Room and the Tech Pride Room. All events are available to current students and alumni of Tennessee Tech.

“Career fairs are worth it,” said Haley. “They are time-consuming and they are expensive, but the return on investment for the student and for the employer is very large.”