Talking ’bout Generationals

New Orleans duo Generationals have released their new album “Alix”, 18 months after their third album “Heza.”

The band’s indie-pop sound is made by singer Ted Joyner and guitarist Grant Widmer.  The band also features synth, keyboard, drums and bass to make their unique sound on “Alix.”

The album opens with “Black Lemon” an upbeat song with a looped xylophone and a cheerful synth solo.  The song sets the tone for the rest of the album and is arguably the best song because of it. 

Many of the other songs on the album keep that same vibe like “Gold Silver Diamond” and the album’s closer “Would You Want Me.” These finds the guys realizing their full indie-pop potential and is a solid change of pace from the more blues oriented “Heza.” The new songs are a lot more upbeat than their previous effort and should help cure anyone’s ailments over the exit over summer.    

Joyner’s falsetto voice is a nice compliment to the beats and the overall ‘80s sound that drives the album.  Widmer seems to trade his guitar for more synths and drum machines on this album.  Bands like The Strokes and Maroon Five have done the same and their sound suffered for it. For Generationals it works in their favor and shows the evolution of the band and what we can expect on future albums. 

“Heart in Two” finds the band sounding closer to their previous blues sound with a groovy bass line and a mellow drumbeat.  Yet the song still features the same synth that serves as the foundation of the album and is up there with “Black Lemon” as one of the best on this release. 

This album serves as a preview for what listeners can expect to hear from the duo and sounds like the guys have found their stride.  Overall the album is an upbeat indie-pop album that should please die hard fans as well as people who are looking to get into the genre.   You can hear more of the band on WTTU-88.5-FM The Nest and their band camp http://generationals.bandcamp.com/