Renovations to South Patio begin

Trees were relocated to Sherlock Park from South Patio this week to prepare for construction of Centennial Plaza as part of the Master Plan to refine Tech’s campus. The project will block off a portion of South Patio, making it only accessible from inside the RUC as well as the doors next to Which Wich. These barriers will be moved in cases of emergency.

 The trees were moved to make room for construction equipment being put in place Monday to work on the new plaza. Director of Horticulture and Grounds, Kevin Tucker, said the trees would be cut down or demolished if they were not moved to the park.

“Why cut a perfectly good tree when you’ve got a beautiful park area?” said Tucker.

Some students were not pleased with the change of scenery, however.

“I loved the magnolia trees and being in the southern United States, it brought southern charm to our campus,” senior English major Effie Savage said.

“When I heard South Patio was going to be closed for awhile, it was kind of disappointing. Of anywhere on Tech’s campus I enjoy being, South Patio is one of my favorites. Hopefully it won’t take too long to finish up,” sophomore chemical engineering major Zac Gulledge said.

According to the Master Plan, the RUC has issues on the western facing side of the building and adjacent areas. Up to 60 percent could be added to the building if the parking lot on the west side is eliminated.

According to Tucker, the new plaza will be large enough for multiple activities like weddings, outdoor lectures and small concerts.

“It’s going to be a fantastic facility,” said Tucker.

Tucker went on to say some of the trees that were moved could come back as well as new trees being planted for the new Centennial Plaza.

“Once the hardscape is completed, we’ll landscape the plaza area,” Tucker said.

“There will be plenty of shade, large trees remaining and (they) will become focal points.”

Construction is expected to last from now until late January