Student arrested on public intoxication charges after hookah bar struggle

Majed Mohammed Alanazi

Majed Mohammed Alanazi

On the morning of Sept. 26, at 1:38 a.m., Cookeville Police Officer Neil Taylor was called to Kero’s Cafe, the hookah bar on Broad Street, regarding an intoxicated male subject. When police arrived, the subject was identified as Tennessee Tech business major, Majed Mohammed Alanazi.

Cafe owner Kero Yacoub said he was at the cafe and witnessed Alanazi come in and try to start fighting another customer. According to Yocoub, Alanazi had already been to the cafe a few times that night and began to cause trouble upon the last arrival.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve had to ask him to leave,” said Yocoub. “He was trying to fight a guy and when he grabbed a chair and threw it outside on the patio, I told him he needed to leave. I simply asked him to pay his tab and leave. ( He told me he wasn’t going to, so I asked again, multiple times.”

“I asked Mohammed to leave several times and he kept refusing. He then threw the chair and took off running. I chased him down the road [towards the BP station on Broad and handcuffed him,” Yocoub said. Yocoub said he is a security guard and cop in training so he was able to subdue Alanazi until police could arrive.

According to the police report, Taylor took Alanazi into custody to the Putnam County jail where he was processed and charged with public intoxication.