Adam’s top albums to check out

Of all the albums being released in the coming months, these are the ones to lookout for:

Taylor Swift- “1989”

Swift’s debut pop album “1989,” named after the artist’s birth year, comes after her 2012 album “Red,” which blurred the lines between pop and country. Swift’s lead single, “Shake it Off” has proven that she can make a pop hit, albeit unoriginal. The rest of the album will show whether or not she has the pop chops to carry an album and separate herself from the pack. “1989” drops Oct. 27.

Foo Fighters- “Sonic Highways”

Foo Fighters new album “Sonic Highways” features the band trying to keep it fresh while retaining their sound. The album was recorded in eight different cities across the country, including Nashville, and should show us a side we have yet to see from the aging rockers. “Sonic Highways” will be in stores Nov. 10.

Pink Floyd- “The Endless River”

Pink Floyd hasn’t released an album in over 20 years, and there’s some speculation “The Endless River” will be their last. The band has described the sound of the LP as ambient and instrumental songs. Pink Floyd has been known for their long, trance-inducing songs, so it will be interesting to hear if they have kept things groovy over the last 20 years or if they’ve run their course. “The Endless River” drops Nov. 7.

AC/DC- “Rock or Bust”        

After the highly publicized departure of Malcom Young from the band, AC/DC is trucking on with their new album “Rock or Bust,” the first album without the founding member. The album is the shortest the band has made in years and could make or break them. If Aussies can survive the death of Bon Scott in 1980, maybe they can rock through the departure of their rhythm guitarist. “Rock or Bust” will be released on Nov. 28.

Lil’ Wayne- “Tha Carter V”

In what he claims will be his final album, “Tha Carter V” has a lot to live up to. “Tha Carter III” was considered by many to be Lil’ Wayne’s best album ever. Lately the rapper has been trying to find that kind of success before he tried to “reinvent” himself as a rock star with “Rebirth” in 2010. This album comes hot off the heels of his 2013 album, “I’m Not a Human Being II,” and will show if Weezy still has what it takes in in the rap scene. “Tha Carter V” drops Oct. 28.