Craven has a cravin’ for good, local craft beer

Blues and Brews was a huge success. I have attended another, much larger craft beer festival in Chattanooga, called the Southern Brewers Festival, both as a teen and as an adult. Blues and Brews has all the elements that make the Southern Brewers Festival so popular, right in our backyard. I was absolutely blown away with the size and quality of this festival for being in a place like Cookeville.

There was a multitude of craft beers to try, and some of them were brews I had never even heard of. The home brewers that showed up had several fantastic, creative brews to try, including one with ghost peppers in it. All of the brewers and volunteers were very polite and just happy to be there, which made for a wonderful atmosphere.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor festival like this, and the live music was great. Overall this event was a big hit, and I personally loved it. If Blues and Brews returns to Dogwood Park next year, I will definitely be there.