Pre-law student cited for drug paraphrenalia

Tennessee Tech student Joshua Murner was pulled over Oct. 16 at 9:27 p.m. for a violation of window tint. Officer Brandon Tayes pulled over Murner, who was unable to provide proof of insurance.

According to reports, Murner seemed very nervous when Officer Tayes approached the car. When Tayes proceeded to ask Murner if he had anything illegal on him, Murner admitted to having a pipe in his pocket and something in his backpack located in the floorboard. Tayes found the pipe where Murner said it would be during a pat down search.

Murner gave the officers verbal consent to search the vehicle. Assisting Officer Lintz searched the vehicle and retrieved a marijuana grinder and a second pipe from Murner’s backpack where he told officers it would be.

Murner walked away with a warning for the window tint and a citation in lieu of continued custody for drug paraphernalia.

Murner, of Crossville, is a re-admitted freshman currently studying pre-law.