Tennis court remodeling project still underway

The old tennis courts on campus were aging quickly and, with a renovation in mind, Tech decided to make the courts the next big tackle.

Tennessee Tech is about to finish resurfacing the tennis courts, a project that has been ongoing for the past few months.

 “The renovation of the tennis courts is a resurfacing and recoating project to enhance the surface for the Tennessee Tech tennis team as well as general University use,” said Mark Wilson, director of Athletics. “The renovation was to fix the existing cracks, and the asphalt overlay should prevent immediate cracking.”

The old courts were a solid green color with no branding of any type, but this time around will be much different from before.

“We took this opportunity to add some Purple Pride to the facility with purple court areas and the windscreen to be installed at the conclusion of the project will be Tennessee Tech branded,” said Wilson.

According to Wilson, the courts will be opened as soon as the project is completed, whether that takes a month or just two weeks.

The new tennis courts will be a unique stand out point for the University and will be a great place once again to show off your awesomeness.