Non-Traditional Student Organization involves older students on campus

For kids fresh out of high school, coming to college is a lot like summer camp- we move into our dorms, meet new friend and are generally tossed into the deep end of the social swimming pool. Unfortunately, older students often have a much harder time integrating into the society of a university. That’s why the Non-Traditional Student Organization is working to get students 25 and older move involved on campus.

"The TTU Non-traditional Student Organization would like to be a place for you to voice your concerns and challenges as an adult college student, meet and talk about issues and organize events you feel are important to you as a student,” said Jeannie Smith, director of the Student Success Center and College of Interdisciplinary Studies. “One year NTSO held a dinner to honor veterans at TTU. The NTSO members invited the attendees, ordered the food, reserved the room, decorated and then celebrated with the veterans and their families. There are many possibilities and you are the ones who decide, create and run such events.”

Membership is only five dollars. The next meeting will be held Nov. 11, 2014 at 11 a.m. during dead hour in Southwest Hall Room 145.

Smith said they are asking for the approval to start an Honor Society for non-traditional students for the top 20 percent of students who are 25 or older with a GPA of 3.2 or higher. The organization is also going to try to have a potluck dinner and ask Career Services to make a presentation of their services.

“It is wonderful to have an organization such as the NTSO to give support to the non-traditional student. The non-traditional student compromises approximately 14 percent of the student population at TTU,” Smith explained. “These students have needs that a traditional student may not experience due to family and work commitments such as available times to take courses, time to study, time to visit the library, bring available for group meetings, and attending outside events and activities. We hope the NTSO gives the support of providing information such as an ‘orientation’ booklet, which is not ready yet, and a place to bring concerns and support to other non-traditional students.”

Come join the organization on Nov. 11 and be sure to check out the TTU Nontraditional Student Organization Facebook page.