Phi Mu hosts Soups and Sweets fundraiser

Phi Mu will be holding a Soups and Sweets event that will be raising money for Children’s Miracle Network from 6 p.m. 9 p.m. Monday at 10th Washington Avenue Baptist Church.

Soups and Sweets is an annual event in the greek life community. This event is held at a church where homemade soups and sweets are made by the girls of Phi Mu. The money that is given is sent to Children’s Miracle Network to help children who are sick.

“The whole community is invited,” said Jessica Henkle, service chair for Phi Mu. “It is $5 all you can eat homemade soups and deserts, you really can’t beat that kind of deal.”

Last year Phi Mu raised $1,200 at Soups and Sweets to give to Children’s Miracle Network but in the previous year they have raised over $2,000.

“Last year we didn’t really have a lot come through,” said Emily Timpson, assistant service for Phi Mu. “The date got moved around because of the churches, so we lost a lot of people that way because the place and date kept changing.”

The money donated to Children’s Miracle Network is used for research, purchasing equipment and helps to pay for uncompensated care. All of the money people give to the organizations is used to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Last year, Phi Mu raised over $4,000 for Children’s Miracle network with the help of Greek Life, Tech students and the Cookeville community. Phi Mu holds two events each year, Soups and Sweets in the fall and Bonnamu in the spring, a dinner and concert held in Memorial Gym and Derryberry Hall.

“Soups and Sweets is my favorite service event besides Teas and Tiaras,” said Victoria Green, a member of Phi Mu. “I’m making this desert called Crack, only because it’s so addicting. It’s so good, and you can’t just eat one piece.”

 Green said the desert is melted butter and brown sugar cooked in a saucepan to make homemade caramel. It is then poured over saltine crackers and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Once the chocolate was melted she would spread it out and then put it in the freezer to harden. After about 15 minutes in the freezer, she would take it out and crack it into pieces.

“Deserts are the best part,” said Ryan Gibbons, president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and attendee of last year’s Soups and Sweets. “Everything is made from scratch, so whatever you pick it’s going to be good.”

Phi Mu will have over 25 deserts at the event, including Oreo balls, pies, cookies and Green’s homemade crack.

There will also be many different soups at the event like tomato basil, potato soup, chili, beef stew and chicken noodle. The soups will be in large croc pots and it will be set up in a buffet style.

“We just need to raise a lot of money to help these kids and their families,” said Henkle. “It’s a double bonus because you can help kids and eat like 10 bowls of soup.”