Progress on Centennial Plaza Construction being made

Construction of Centennial Plaza has been in progress over a month now. Despite recent harsh weather, construction still moves forward.

Centennial Plaza will be a large area able to facilitate any size gatherings. The entire plaza will be defined with seat walls and will include a stage at the end of North Derryberry Hall which will be adjacent to the building.

The project is planned to be complete Spring 2015. When the project is complete, the hardscape construction will begin. Centennial Plaza will then welcome students back in the summer and fall of 2015. (

As of right now, the contractor W&O Construction has all demolition complete, and all final brick selection has been made for pavement. Also, subgrade is being prepared and tree roots are being root pruned in an effort to save the trees from South Patio.

“The contractors have made great progress in spite of the weather,” said Director of Horticulture and Grounds, Kevin Tucker.

While moving forward in construction, some students still find the entrances of South Patio, Henderson Hall and the steps to Which Wich blocked a hindrance to daily routine.

“It [construction] creates my walks to certain classes longer. Sometimes I’ll be walking and forget its being renovated and find myself having to backtrack,” said communication major Hayden McMillen.

Tucker says inconvenience is expected during construction progress.

“What may be insignificant today seems like nothing in comparison to outstanding attributes the Plaza will provide,” said Tucker.

Tucker noted that the west side of RUC is closed, not because of the Centennial Plaza construction, but because of the safety to students due to potentially falling bricks from the building. Also, the steps down to Which Wich are closed because if opens, it would require students to walk in a construction zone which is not safe or legal.