Student groups, organizations prepare for Saturday parade

The 2014 Tennessee Tech Homecoming Parade will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Many of Tech’s groups, dorms, organizations, fraternities and sororities will be showcasing their themed floats during the parade.

This year’s Homecoming theme is “Every day’s a Holiday.” All participants have been designing and building variations of holiday themed floats for the event.

Instead of going solo on float designs, most sororities have teamed up with a fraternity in partnership to create their floats.

“We have to have a huge group to help build a float. Sometimes the budgets even require us to team up with two fraternities,” said Kelly Mills, member of Phi Mu. “This allows us to have enough members to help complete everything.”

Alpha Delta Pi has teamed up with FIJI to form a Christmas-inspired float for the parade.

Both chapters have worked very hard on this year’s Christmas themed float. I have so much confidence in not only the float, but the pep rally and other Homecoming events,” said Alpha Delta Pi sister, Brianna Minton.

Keeping with the holiday theme, Phi Mu and Kappa Sigma have worked together to build a Columbus Day float with an accommodating theme.

“We thought it would be really cool to do a theme about Tech discovering the end zone, which is what our float is based on this year,” said Phi Mu Homecoming chair, Audrey Dorsett.

Sororities and fraternities won’t be the only groups participating in the float event this year. Groups, departments and dorms such as The Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Communication Department, New Hall North and Crawford Village will all be presenting floats during the parade.

The BCM has lined up a float that they are hoping will be reminiscent to all viewers of the parade.

“Our theme is Memorial Day. Our intentions for the float are to honor the fallen and continue to support the troops,” said Samantha Harding, team leader of campus activities. “Our hope is that our float will be a reminder to everyone who sees it of the sacrifice our troops have given for us to enjoy the freedoms we possess.”

Several more floats are lined up to participate Saturday. The parade will begin at Hobby Lobby on Jefferson Avenue and will come to an end near the Tennessee Tech football stadium.