“The Walking Dead” intensifies

The ever-popular AMC show, “The Walking Dead,” is back for its fifth season. Walkers, gore, mystery and all our favorite, and not so favorite, characters have returned in the new action-packed season. As the season enters into its last two episodes the suspense and interest is really heating up.

Throughout this new season, the change of characters is quite interesting. Rick, who has gone from a clean-shaven pretty boy in the first season to insanely hot bearded man in this one has piqued my interest. However, Rick has now bit a man’s throat out and he is none too happy about being locked up in Terminus, but that soon to proves to be short lived.

The rest of the cast has progressed as well. Carol and Tyrese have tried to get past their traumatizing encounter with Lizzie the Freak. Admit it — that child was wrong from the start. But we all got through that by looking at the flowers.

Glenn and Maggie are still annoyingly in love but it still bothers me that Maggie still doesn’t even seem fazed that Beth is gone. “Not dead, just gone,” as Daryl Dixon said, the other heart throb of the show. Every girl wants to be that angel wing shirt he keeps wearing.

We’ve found out that Rosita and Abraham are…involved, so to say. Although that whole match seems absolutely creepy. Eugene doesn’t help the matter as he checks out the “Self-Help section.”

Michonne is silent as ever but more comfortable with the group than she used to be. Although I believe we can all agree that we want to see more of that sword against some Walkers.

The list goes on and on about who’s doing what and some are just too painful to mention. After escaping from Terminus, the gang has to fight to survive again. Scrounging where they can and keeping out of more trouble, which is proving to be physically impossible for this group.

The whole series takes tons of twists and turns that no one sees coming. I don’t even think the writers or actors have any idea what is going to happen. Some mysteries are solved, like the ones with Beth, (Way to go Maggie. Daryl and Carol figured that out before you ever did, and Carol has just been put back into play for what, two episodes?) but then we get five new questions in place of our answer.

The way this season is playing with major flashbacks and scary plot twists, I believe we can make the assumption that there is going to be a huge cliffhanger for the fall finale in two weeks.

For the avid readers and die-hard Daryl lovers, this is the best part of the series. The most painful, but the best.