SGA grants $22,000 for student events, campaign rules challenged

The SGA failed to pass a bill through the senate during Tuesday’s meeting. The bill, known as “The Relevant Service Requirement Act of 2015,” would have required executive council candidates and cabinet members to serve in the senate, supreme court or executive council in the academic year of elections. The only exception would have been for students serving an internship or a co-op.

However, the bill did not receive the required two-thirds vote to go into effect.

“You already have to be in SGA a year before the elections, but you can have leadership positions from other organizations,” said Dylan Gardner, a freshman Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. “Leadership is a universal equality; it has nothing to do with this specific organization.”

“I’m not extremely sad about the bill not passing,” said Colin Long, Senator for the College of Business, and author of the bill. “I was just trying to make sure that we had the most experienced people possible in the leadership positions. The Democratic Party doesn’t go and get a political science student straight out of college, when he has never been a Senator, and throws him straight into the White House.”

Eight S.O.L.O. applications were also presented to the SGA during the meeting. According to Will Gabelman, SGA Treasurer, this was the largest number of bills SGA ever presented during a meeting. All eight bills passed, including the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, who received $650 for a seminar on Feb. 23; Kappa Sigma Fraternity, who received $2,120 for a low country boil that took place Thursday; the Society for Collegiate Journalists, who received $4,991.62 to give away 166 yearbooks; PanHellenic Council, who received $3,500 to give away T-shirts for Delta Phi Epsilon’s bid day on Feb. 14; the Tech Activities Board, who received $3,500 for a video game tournament that will be held Feb. 19 in the Multipurpose Room; the Super Smash Brothers Club, who will host a tournament on Feb. 21 in the Tech Pride Room; the Iranian Student Organization, who received $2,000 to celebrate the Iranian New Year; and the University Christian Student Center, who received $5,000 to put on an a cappella event March 21, to raise awareness for the TTU Food Pantry.

SGA meetings are held every Tuesday night at 9:15 p.m. in the Tech Pride Room. All Tech students are welcome to attend.