Suspect apprehended displaying voyeuristic behavior

Tennessee Tech police have apprehended a suspect who has been causing disturbances since last semester.

TTU News sent out a campus safety alert message last Friday stating: “The university recently received delayed reports about a series of instances during last semester and in late January of a man peering into men’s restroom shower stalls in Maddux/McCord and possibly other residence halls.”

According to the police report, Officer Tony Nelson went to speak with Marc Burnett, vice president of Student Affairs, about the incident, which occurred in the residence halls on Jan. 23. Burnett identified the individual as Nicholas Hamby.

Nelson then returned to the police station and contacted Hamby. Nelson advised Hamby to come to the University Police Department and speak with him concerning the incident, according to the police report. Hamby arrived at the police department at 3:10 p.m. and was interviewed by both Nelson and Officer Sandy Thompson. Hamby said he entered the residence hall to visit friends but couldn’t recall their full names. He also said he “walked the stairs for exercise.”

According to the TTU News email, on one occurrence, Hamby entered the dorms behind a student who had used their Eagle Card to enter the hall.

The police report also states Hamby said he would enter the Tech Fitness Center with his wife.

Hamby was advised by police not to enter any of the residence halls or the Fitness Center because he didn’t live in the halls nor did he have a membership to the Fitness Center, according to the report. He was given a criminal trespass warning and told he will be arrested if he is found in these areas.

This incident couldn’t be more of a sign for all students to take caution in their lives, both inside and outside of school. The TTU News email said, “Delayed reporting is valuable, but timely reports to police increase law enforcement’s ability to apprehend suspects.”

“If you have information about other instances involving this suspect that you have not reported, call campus police at 372-3234,” the email stated. “When you see suspicious behavior, immediately call 911 or campus police.”