Cookeville nightlife hotspot closes after five years of business, students react

After being in business for five years, local nightlife hot spot Rodeo Bobs has closed its doors. The location was a favorite among Tech students and citizens of Cookeville on Thursday nights and weekends.

On Friday, Feb. 6, the club announced that Saturday, Feb. 7 would be its last night of business, much to the chagrin of regular patrons and students alike.

“It was a sanctuary for college kids, and the last night was no different. Lots of music, dancing and beers flowing. It was the perfect end to the perfect college spot,” said marketing major David Jester.

Rodeo Bobs had more business than usual Saturday night as people were lining up earlier than normal. The parking lot featured a car for club-goers to leave their final thoughts and messages with the staff and management of one of Cookeville’s favorite party bars.

“It was pretty packed, everybody realized it was the last night so everybody was trying to get their last hoorah in,” said Rhen Hughey, junior general health studies major. “We got there at about 8:30 and there was a line already. We had to wait in line for about five or 10 minutes but it was definitely the most packed I had seen it in a long time that early.”

Hughey said he went to Rodeo Bobs every Thursday night and went with some of his fellow SigEp brothers Saturday for the bar’s last night.

“It was pretty live, the atmosphere going good. They started playing some old-school music like back when they started in 2010. They played some songs from then and then up to current songs,” Hughey said.

Hughey and other members of the fraternity said they would start going to other Cookeville bars, like Spankies and Vinnie T’s, to compensate for Rodeo Bobs’ absence.

There might be a silver lining for dance club fans in town: Rodeo Bobs’ disc jockey Nathan Allen said the location could reopen within the coming weeks and get right back into the swing of things.

 “It’s closed down till mid-March with a new name and new look,” Allen said.

Attempts were made to contact management and staff of Rodeo Bobs, but as of press time, none were successful so nothing can be confirmed on the location’s future.

Though a new club might be in the location’s future, some people will still miss the nightclub known as Rodeo Bobs.

“Rodeo Bobs, is a special part of several marriages, more than a few children, I’m certain at least a few divorces and many friendships,” Justin Jonez wrote on the Rodeo Bobs Facebook page after its closure was announced. “The building may change, but the memories will remain.”