Burning rubber: Awesome Eagle takes joyride

Tennessee Tech’s mascot, Awesome Eagle, was involved in a vandalism incident at Sherlock Park while campus was closed last week.

According to the police report filed by Lt. Tony Nelson on Feb. 17, Kevin Tucker, director of grounds roads and walks, reported to campus police that he and Jack Butler, the associate vice president of facilities, saw Awesome Eagle riding an ATV in Sherlock Park.

The report also said the ATV’s tires damaged the already wet ground, and the grass “will have to be repaired.”

David Mullinax, director of the University recreation fitness center, wasn’t on campus during the incident because of Tech’s closure. When he heard about it, he said what Awesome Eagle did was a little too much and it shouldn’t have been done.

“It’s something nobody should be doing, considering from a safety standpoint,” Mullinax said.

Awesome Eagle was not available for comment.