Facilities spreads purple salt on campus walkways

After another 2 inches of snow Wednesday night, Tennessee Tech facilities spread salt across campus to ensure students went to school on time Thursday. The salt spread Thursday was different from the usual white salt cast across campus. This salt was purple.

Kevin Tucker, director of grounds roads and walks, said facilities wanted to show more school spirit with this latest snow shower.

“The grounds crew wanted to do their part to show purple pride. They figured it didn’t cost any extra and would draw attention. We’ve had a lot of comments on it, and people like it,” Tucker said.

Students on campus have noticed the purple salt too. Shawn Steffey, senior computer science major, appreciated the new addition.

“Aspects of the day begin to add up and make me forget that there are people who truly care about being a part of their family,” said Steffey. “All it takes is some minuscule detail, something as simple as purple crumbs scattered along the pathway leading me back to home to make me smile, to remind me that I am an Eagle. That WE are Tech.”

Tucker said the salt was not dyed or colored on campus but was purple at the time of purchase.

“We wanted to create campus pride to help show purple pride,” Tucker said.

The purple salt can be found along the sidewalks and stairs of most major campus buildings as well as Dixie Avenue.