Former Tech athlete accused of sending unsolicited explicit Snapchats

While most students were snuggled up in their rooms watching Netflix last week, campus police were continuing their investigation into a former member of Tech’s football practice squad who is accused of sending sexually explicit messages to female students.

Randall Elston was kicked off the football team in 2014 as a result of a complaint filed with the Athletics department about sexually harassing messages. The person who made the complaint did not wish to press charges.

Now another student has come forward with a complaint against Elston. According to the report filed with campus police, the victim attended high school with Elston, and they met again on campus during September. Afterward, they began texting about some books the victim was going to give Elston. When they were arranging a time to meet for the books, Elston began sending sexually suggestive messages.

These messages continued over the fall semester, and escalated. The victim told police that Elston sent several pictures of his genitalia to her, and when she told him to stop or she would report him, he responded with another picture that had a sexually explicit caption. The victim blocked him on social media and Snapchat, but at the beginning of the spring semester, he created a new Snapchat account with the name “Warfdude 77” and started messaging her again. He sent her about eight messages before she blocked him again and filed a report with campus police.

On Feb. 16, Officer Michael Lambert spoke with Elston regarding the incident. According to the police report, Elston’s story was the same as the victim’s but with a few minor differences. Elston claims the victim seemed interested in a sexual relationship and even sent him at least one picture back. He admitted to creating the fake Snapchat account as a way to get around her blocking him.

Charges have not been filed yet, but according to the police report, if the victim wishes to press charges Elston would be facing stalking and harassment charges. Police are still investigating this case.