Mechanical Engineering wins E-Week 2015

For the second consecutive year, the mechanical engineers won the  “Best Darn Major” award as part of Engineering Week on Tennessee Tech’s campus.

E-week is an annual competitive week for all engineering majors to compete and collect the most points from winning competitions to earn the title “Best Darn Major.” It’s sponsored by the Engineering Joint Council and reoccurs every year in the third week of February at universities around the nation.

The electrical and computer engineering team won E-Week’s newest competition, the egg drop event, Tuesday, Feb. 24 in 30 degree weather outside of Tucker Stadium.

Chemical engineering major and Engineering Joint Council member Josh Cisco sparked the idea for this new event.

“I kind of came up with the egg drop event,” said Cisco. “The other events are tailored for certain majors. This one caters more to physics and suits everyone better.”

The egg drop event is a competitive game that involves teams to strategize and create a method to drop an egg off the top of the bleachers in Tucker Stadium without cracking the egg.

Electrical majors John Long and Savannah Nolen attended the event on behalf of their major, and Nolen predicted their team’s fate.

“I’m crossing our fingers and I hope we win (the egg drop event)!” said Nolen.

EJC officers placed buckets in each engineering department’s office, where students dropped off change into their department’s bucket. Each cent was worth a point and a dollar bill was worth negative 100 points, and those could be placed in the competition’s buckets to subtract their points. The department’s nominees with the most points won the title. The money collected goes toward EJC scholarships.

Although the electrical and computer engineering team won this competition and earned 120 points, the mechanical engineering team came in second place and earned 80 points for their team, and the chemical engineering team placed third place and earned 70 points for their team.

On Monday, Feb. 23, the egg launch took place at the top of Tucker Stadium, while dodge ball was held in Memorial Gym, with mechanical engineers winning the event. The cardboard canoe event took place at The Fit’s swimming pool where the engineering technologies majors came into victory. On Tuesday, Feb. 24 the tug of war took place at Sherlock Park where the mechanical engineers where victorious once again. Wednesday’s poker and chili event took place at Roaden University Center. Electrical engineering and computer science won both the Texas Hold’em tournament as well as the chili cook off. On Wednesday, Feb. 25 the SAME obstacle course took place at Memorial Gym where once again the mechanical engineers came in first. The engineering bowl in Prescott Hall saw another win for electrical engineering and computer science.

The Engineering Banquet took place Thursday night at the Leslie Town Centre where the winners of “Best Darn Major” and Mr. and Mrs. Engineer were announced. Seniors Scott Hill and Samantha White were awarded the respective crowns. The banquet also gave recognition to the faculty, professors, alumni and students that are apart of the Engineering Department.