Spirit in Bloom: New flowers bring Tech pride

Spring is in full bloom at Tennessee Tech and, this semester, a little school spirit has been added to the campus flowerbeds.

As the months grow warmer, campus facilities are making sure the landscape is polished and eye-catching for spring and summer. In particular, the flowerbeds are now bursting with purple and gold flower combinations to represent Tech’s spirit.

“Purple and gold pansies and snapdragons are being planted on the south end of Derryberry Hall, east side of Pennebaker Hall, and also by the Roaden University Center and Bryan Fine Arts Building,” said Kevin Tucker, director of Grounds, Roads and Walks.

Tucker said their hope is that the new flowers will be aesthetically pleasing to everyone and evoke the feeling of spring.

“I love the new landscaping on campus. I think it promotes school spirit in a unique way and I love that Tech makes an effort to have purple and gold wherever they can,” said senior psychology major Abby Gaw.

Along with the new plants, Tucker said that they have now placed new trash receptacles and benches on Dixie Avenue.

“It puts me in a great mood to see bright spring colors and greenery on campus,” said Morgan Richards, senior finance major. “For a while it gets depressing walking to class in the freezing cold and seeing nothing but dead trees and frozen grass for half of the semester.”

Tucker said there is not an exact total cost for the new landscaping since facilities will be planting throughout the spring and summer.