Centennial Plaza expected to be open by mid-May, some sidewalks now open.

Centennial Plaza is causing a buzz around Tennessee Tech’s campus with the walkway between Henderson Hall and the Roaden University Center being opened recently. According to Grounds, Roads and Walks Director Kevin Tucker, he is “doubtful that any other walkways will be opened anytime soon.” He added, “it’s just a safety issue.”

One of the most popular questions being asked is “When will Centennial Plaza be complete?” A previous completion date was set for late spring, but several factors cause the date to be pushed back continually.

According to Tucker, “The project is anticipated to be complete by mid-May. That will not include landscaping, but it will include the hardscape.”

Moving from the Snowmageddon into the time of April showers bringing May flowers, Tucker says “The weather continues to hinder the project. Anytime it rains, days are lost with respect to the completion date.”

With the project being completed around already standing trees, Tucker reassures that “We are continuing to monitor the condition of the trees, and we will give them a good feeding of growth stimulants once the project is complete.”

A separate part of the project includes a sculpture to be placed in Centennial Plaza. The artist is still working on the sculpture, and Tucker added that the “final design has not been completed.” He anticipates that the sculpture will be installed sometime during the Fall 2015 semester.

According to “Right Now at TTU” on Tech’s website, released April 1, the sidewalk on the west side of Dixie will be closed as part of the Centennial Plaza construction. The closure will span from the UC to Derryberry Hall. This is part of the reasoning for opening the sidewalk from the T.J. Farr building to the UC.

The new stairway to the parking lot behind Henderson Hall and the UC will also be open. Everyone is asked to stay on the sidewalk and to not cross over into the construction zone.