Never too old, right?

Warm weather and sunshine fill the air. Pastel flowers start to blossom as insects and animals return from hibernation. With Easter Sunday approaching, talk of the “Easter Bunny” begins as well as the preparation of Easter baskets. So when is too old, too old? Are you ever “too old?”

Almost everyone has childhood memories of believing in a big fluffy bunny hopping his way toward your house to deliver your basket, along with the plopping of eggs to create a trail. As creepy and intimidating as this sounds, we believed in this myth and pretended to continue to believe for our friends and younger siblings. From candy-filled eggs to egg hunts filled with money, each family had their own tradition. Baskets ranged from sports themes to action figure themes. They consisted of personalized baskets to the pre-made grocery store baskets you could just pick up.

So does the basket giving or receiving stop once the believing stops? No way.

The Easter tradition of gift giving is just like that of any other holiday. Once you stop believing in Santa, you still continue to give and receive gifts. The gifts just might be a little different from before when your imagination was naive and innocent. Valentine’s Day is the same way in that it changes with age and maturity as well. Candy grams with stickers, which we all deep down loved, changed to flowers and chocolate, things that we are “told by movies to love.”

You are never too old for creative fun gift giving, whether you believe in the Easter bunny or not. Those baby pictures you look back at, to see yourself petrified and crying on the mall Easter bunny’s lap, don’t lie. You didn’t care for him then so nothing is any different now. You don’t need a myth to make you follow through with this tradition.

Easter Sunday, April 5, take part in the Easter activities. Whether that means attending a church service, giving someone a chocolate Easter bunny bigger than their face, or planning an egg hunt, enjoy the holiday. This gorgeous weather is just the start of an egg-cellent summer that we all are looking forward to!