Summer trend continues with new albums

In a year that has already had releases from top artists, the summer continues that trend with new albums from Florence + the Machine, Snoop Dogg and Muse.

            Florence + the Machine: “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

The band’s first album in four years could be one of the rare third albums that not only improves on the first two but stands apart from them as well. The single “Ship to Wreck” is more upbeat than previous singles from Florence, but it still features lead vocalist Florence Welch’s signature croon as well as a groovy drum beat and acoustic guitar accompaniment. “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” hits shelves May 29.

            Snoop Dogg: “Bush”

What he claims will be his last album, Snoop Dogg returns to his original rapping name and an album entirely produced by Pharrell Williams. Snoop has confirmed that the album will feature guest spots from Stevie Wonder and Charlie Wilson. The single, “So Many Pros” has more of a funk vibe with toe-tapping hi-hats and a sultry guitar riff during the bridge. If “Bush” really is the West Coast rapper’s final album, it’ll be interesting to hear how Snoop handles funk after a 20-year hip-hop career. “Bush” drops May 12.

            Muse: “Drones”

The seventh album from the alternative rockers will either show how consistent they are in their sound or how they’ve run out of ideas. The single “Psycho” sounds like Muse and Black Keys’ offspring with hard hitting symbols and the band’s signature bass sound. The downside is that it sounds a lot like their previous works. The band still has their unique sound and after seven albums, they’ve shown no sign of slowing down. “Drones” will be available June 5.

            A$AP Rocky: “At. Long. Last. A$AP.”

The active A$AP Rocky’s follow up to 2013’s “Long. Live. A$AP,” “At. Long. Last. A$AP.” adds to the long list of hip-hop heavy hitters dropping new music this year. The first singles have the same spaced vibes of Rocky’s previous work as he continues to leave his mark on the current hip-hop scene. “At. Long. Last. A$AP.” drops May 12.