‘Fear the Walking Dead’ underwhelms

The creator and producer of “The Walking Dead,” Robert Kirkman, is trying to recreate the success of his first TV series with a spinoff called “Fear the Walking Dead.” Real original. This show is supposed to take us back to right before the outbreak and give some answers as how it happened and how people were coping with “walkers” now roaming the earth.

With all the hype surrounding this show, and the fact that Kirkman is such a good writer, you would expect this show to be interesting from the beginning right? Well, that is kind of the case.

The show opens up with one of the protagonists, Nick Clark, waking up in an old-church-turned-drug-house. Dazed and confused, he searches high and low to find his “girlfriend.” He soon finds her covered in blood while she eats one of their drug user friends. Nick runs out into the street to get away and, BAM, a car hits him. This starts the show off with some interest and action, but it all goes downhill from there.

The first episode, which was 90 minutes long, took the entire time to develop into seeing what the show is supposed to be about – zombies. We all know it’s going to happen. Why not get to the point and show them? When the zombies do actually appear, I find myself not being able to forget my previous knowledge about zombies, yelling things like, “In the head you idiot!” and “Don’t walk up to them!”

I understand that the show is trying to play on the psyche of it all, and get us thinking about what it would be like if zombies were real, but at the pace this show is going, I would die of old age before the threat even became real.

The show has all the elements of a watchable drama: the naive daughter, the drug addict son, the ex-wife who is still in the picture, and the father trying to keep the whole family together. To be honest it’s almost watching a family drama like “The Fosters” or “ Secret Life of the American Teenager” with the occasional zombie thrown in.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is only three episodes in and I find myself with lots of questions. When will this show get interesting? When will we find out about how the infection started? Who is going to die first? Why is this so boring? Why am I still watching this?

I will admit that the end of the third episode intrigued me, but besides that, I don’t have many positives.

The acting is really not that good, the plot is boring and it doesn’t seem to be progressing. As soon as “The Walking Dead” starts back up, I don’t think many viewers are really going to care about watching this show. I don’t give “Fear the Walking Dead” more than two seasons before it gets canceled, but I’ve been wrong before.