TAB and ROTC dive into new event

The Tech Activities Board will present Tennessee Tech’s first “Dive-In movie” at the Fitness Center’s pool Thursday, Sept. 17.

A free showing of “Jaws” will begin at 8 p.m. on a screen provided by TAB and ROTC with the National Guard. Light snacks will be available for students on the patio outside of the pool area.

“A dive-in is the same concept as a drive-in except we will be watching a movie from the pool instead of a car,” said Kristen Creager, president of TAB. “People can bring floats if they want to be in the water, but are also welcome to sit around the pool on deck chairs.”

Katie Williams, the director of student activities, held a meeting over the summer to discuss the monthly events presented by TAB.

“A member of TAB suggested the Dive-In event. He heard the event was a success at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga,” said Williams.

The Dive-In is open to every student who attends Tennessee Tech, along with any event hosted by TAB. Mason Johnson, the Homecoming chairman of TAB, said they aim to provide fun campus events for all students – events that are free. The events give students the chance to meet other students or hang out with their friends.

“The Dive-In may become an annual event if enough people attend,” said Johnson.

Other TAB events have been popular enough to become annual. Movies on the Main Quad is a yearly event during Week of Welcome. During the final exam week before winter break, TAB hosts a picture event where students may take a photograph with their friends that is then inserted into a snow globe.

Next semester, TAB plans on bringing back the free Build-a-Bear event, which usually takes place on or around Valentine’s Day and is a very popular event. In the past, the event has run out of stuffed animals before every student in line could receive one.

“We have worked hard to make a plan that will help the lines move faster and to assure that we don't run out of materials,” said Creager.

Creager said TAB has been looking for new, fun events to host on campus, and is excited about the Dive-In event and hopes that it will continue every year.