Is class canceled? (Spoiler alert: no)

The recent rain brought a virtual tidal wave of false hope to Tech’s student body, and it seems likely that next week is going to bring more of the same. Freshman wanted to know, would class be canceled? Tech shuts down when the weather gets bad, right? More experienced students crossed their fingers and shook their heads. Let’s face it: Last semester’s “Snowmageddon” spoiled us. Only six months have passed since the elements granted students a second spring break, and already the event has become the stuff of legend. And it truly was legendary. Except for the few brave souls working the cafeteria, campus did in fact shut down. Of course, there is absolutely no way a few inches of rain would or could cause the same result. And yet we hold out hope.

I foresee a trend – check the popular app Yik Yak whenever the weather forecaster calls for rain and you’ll see reports from a guy who knows a girl whose friend’s neighbor says class is canceled. You’ll cross your fingers when you see it even though you know there’s no way it could be true. We’ll do it, but why? Why are we like this? Do we not pay to be here? As long as that’s true, shouldn’t we get the most out of our money? The answer to that is “probably,” but who cares? Just think back to when you were a kid, waking up at 3 a.m. to stare at the TV, hoping against hope that your county’s name would tick by on the list of snow days. Even if it didn’t, wasn’t the thrill worth it? Even if it wasn’t, that fleeting feeling of intense hope right before you see the results is comparable to waiting to see if you won the lottery. So by all means, hold out hope. Think of it as holding onto a piece of your childhood.

On the other hand, this constant up and down can become grating for students who’ve heard this routine a hundred times before. For these students, the constant barrage of “Will class be canceled today?” is like beating a dead horse – nothing will change the fact that no matter what we say, we’re all going to get soaked. I, for one, am an optimist. So here’s hoping that wet shoes are listed under excusable reasons for absence from class.