SGA introduces minimum age for S.O.L.O. concert

The Student Government Association revised the S.O.L.O. Concert Ticket Policy, setting a minimum age requirement for attending Tech’s S.O.L.O. concerts. SGA President Bobby Adams addressed the senators about the revision during a Sept. 22 SGA meeting.

Adams said all full-time Tech students (undergraduate students with at least 12 hours, and graduate students with at least nine hours) will continue to receive two S.O.L.O. tickets each, and that their Eagle Card is required at the ticket pickup and at the door of the concert. Tickets will be handed out to full-time students for two weeks; after that, Adams said, part-time students, faculty and staff may purchase a ticket for $15.

This is different from previous S.O.L.O. concerts, where no identification was needed at the door, so tickets could be sold or given to friends. Another big change this year is the implementation of a minimum age requirement to attend the concert. According to Bobby Adams, all attendees must present either a valid Eagle Card or photo ID to verify they are either 18 or older.

Any individual below the age of 18 who is not a full-time Tech student will not be admitted to the concert. Adams said this change was because “a young man at the last S.O.L.O. concert, who was not a TTU student, had to be taken to the hospital, and Dr. Oldham said ‘No more.’”

Brittney Phillips, a graduate student in the educational psychology and counselor education program, said she is disappointed in the new one ticket policy.

“I understand their reasoning,” Phillips said, “I just wish they didn’t block everyone out.” Phillips also said her husband and friends now cannot attend the concert because they are not Tech students.

Jacob Adams, a Tech alumnus, also said he is unhappy with the changes.

“It seems like, from my understanding,” Jacob Adams said, “that it will be difficult if not impossible for me to get a ticket. So as an alumnus, I am disappointed.”

“We’re trying to create a better environment; we’re trying to make the concert a safer place,” said SGA Vice President Nick Russell. “We’re not trying to take away anything, we’re just trying to make it better.”

Bobby Adams also reminded the senators that S.O.L.O. concerts are hosted for Tech-affiliated students, faculty and staff, and these new procedures will ensure only those Tech-affiliated people benefit from this concert.

Full-time students can pick up their tickets during the first two weeks of October at the SGA office on the first floor of the RUC. The S.O.L.O. concert is Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. at the Hooper Eblen Center.