TAB Tuesday returns

After an entire year without a weekly TAB Tuesday, the Tech Activities Board has decided to bring the Tuesday giveaways for 2015.

Last year, TAB faced budget cuts that led to changes in how the organization used funds. Instead of having weekly TAB Tuesday giveaways, TAB limited them to once a month.

TAB decided to use the funds to hold bigger events in place of the weekly giveaways. More Late Night Tech Nights were held over the course of the year compared to what are usually held, said TAB Homecoming chairman Mason Johnson.

 “A lot of people were upset that we stopped doing (weekly giveaways),” said Kristen Creager, TAB president. “So we decided to bring them back and manage money in different areas.”

Every Tuesday during dead hour, TAB will hold giveaways in the lobby of Roaden University Center. The cost of the item will determine the amount of each item. Usually, 300 to 500 items are given to students on a first come, first served basis.

TAB is open to new ideas for giveaways, and students are welcome to attend meetings and give suggestions. Items for future TAB giveaways are determined based on popularity from the previous semester and whether or not new ideas are brought forth.

Katie Williams, director of student activities, said TAB started in 1974 under the name University Programming Council. In 2007, the name changed to Tech Activities Board. TAB Tuesdays have been happening since 2010 and continue to be popular among students on campus.

“We host TAB events to give students an opportunity to have fun, and get away from the stress of college,” Creager said. “Our events also give (students) a chance to meet other students or hang out with their friends.”

Every semester, students have a student activities fee of $5, which goes toward TAB and other programming events. For this reason, all of TAB’s events and giveaways are free to students.

“We have money from the students, so we give back to the students,” said Johnson.