Senior Salute prepares graduating seniors for life after commencement

As graduation comes closer, seniors are trying to check everything off their to-do list in order to graduate. On Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., the semiannual Senior Salute will be held in the Tech Pride Room on the first floor of Roaden University Center. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete everything.

This year, it is required for seniors to check in at the Graduation Office’s table with their Eagle Card before they go through, according to Debra Walker, administrative associate of Student Affairs. Seniors are not required to attend, but it is highly recommended to attend at least one of the days to help them take care of anything they need before graduation.

Several offices will be available to students to make sure they have everything in order to graduate.

“The Business Office will be there so students can pay any outstanding debts they might have,” said Walker. “Career services is there to help students with finding a job, and financial aid is there to make sure everything is in order for students.”

A non-school service that will be present is Liberty Mutual. The Alumni Office invites the business every year because Tech alumni get a discount on auto and home insurance from Liberty just for being alumni.

“A lot of students are getting off of their parents insurance so it’s a good chance to help them,” said Tracey Duncan, director of Advancement in the Alumni Office. “The main reason that the Alumni Office is there is to get emails. Even though you can keep your Tech email, most people don’t, so we want a Gmail or something like that. That way we can keep in touch. Also we just want to welcome them to the Alumni Association.”

The bookstore is there so seniors can pick up their robes. They can have their cap and gown pictures taken, but there’s no obligation to purchase the photos. The bookstore will also hold a raffle for a door prize.

“We’ll be giving away a Framing Success diploma frame. The names will be taken from the check-in list,” said Greer Stanton, bookstore manager Greer Stanton.

Balfour will also be there for anyone interested in ordering a class ring.