Rugby wins fifth game


NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART- The Tech rugby team (right) engages in a scrum, a battle for possesion of the ball, against Western Kentucky Sept.19. Tech's 20-17 victory against WKU was their second win of the season. Photo by: Shea Haile

The Tennessee Tech rugby team its their division rival, Lee University, Oct. 31. It was a high scoring and exciting match for the Golden Eagles fans as the team started off strong by scoring two tries before Lee even got on the board.

The game started off slow with both teams playing defense well. It went back and forth for a while before Tech finally got on the board 12 minutes into the game. It was Tech sophomore Zach Murdaugh who took the ball over the try zone. Jeff Alwes converted the two-point kick.

“Zach is easily our most improved player this year,” said senior Noah Stansfield, “He put in a lot of great work over the summer. He slimmed down and got faster. He really has impressed me.”

The next score came six minutes after the first. This time it was Tech’s new inside center James Moore pounding it into the try zone for Tech. Alwes converted the two-point kick. Lee committed a penalty soon afterward, which led to an Alwes penalty kick, which he converted.

“I think Jeff’s experience is a huge help for this team. We have a lot of young talent, but sometimes I think they need direction,” said senior Reid Morrison. “It’s nice to have a leader on the field.”

At this point in the game it looked as if it was over before it had even began, but Lee started fighting back. They scored two tries within six minutes of each other; both two-point kicks were missed. Tech started playing their style of game. They started taking things to their big men. Tech’s pack was the next to score. Alwes missed the two-point kick.

After another try by Lee and a penalty kick by Alwes sent both teams to the half with the score 25-17 in Tech’s favor.

The second half started just the same as the first, with Tech scoring almost immediately and converting the two-point kick. Another score for Tech came almost right after the first of the half by, senior, Logan Simms. Alwes converted the two-point kick.

It seemed as if Lee wanted to fight back and the momentum was going in there because they scored twice consecutively after this, but their defense kept coming up short. They committed a penalty, which allowed for Tech’s Alwes to convert a penalty kick.

After a try from Lee, Tech scored once more as well with their pack, which sealed the game.

This game put Tech’s record at 4-2 (2-1 Dixie conference). Tech will be hosting division opponent University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Nov. 7.