Why you can’t afford to trash Tech Times

I love Tech Times, and I’m proud of it. For the past few weeks, I have heard several students and professors joke about Tech Times going straight to their trash in their email. For those of you who don’t know what Tech Times is, I’ll be happy to divulge the wonderfulness that is this email. Tech Times is a daily email that serves as a quick-read newsletter containing information about events on campus, news releases and other items of campuswide interest. Literally, Tech Times is heaven in an email.

I know what you’re thinking: This girl has absolutely nothing else to do with her time rather than read an irrelevant email. Quite the contrary. Each day I have to make a physical list, so I can remember everything I have to do that day. Between wedding planning, managing The Oracle and serving as a hall director, my time is spread very thin, and reading another email is the last way I would like to spend my precious seconds. However, Tech Times is chock-full of information I simply can’t miss.

For example, yearbooks are on sale for the Centennial edition, but most people wouldn’t know that unless they read Tech Times. A couple of days each week, TTU Trivia, a short trivia question about the University, is posed in Tech Times. One day I was feeling saucy and decided to answer the trivia question. Not only did I win bragging rights, but I got some pretty sweet Tech swag out of the deal as well. I wouldn’t have received either unless I read the email. Tech Times is a great asset to our campus. I hate it to break it to you, but in the real world, no one is going to send you an email telling you about the day’s events. You have to figure it out yourself.

Every time I hear these audacious claims, I bite my tongue listening to the various ways each person trashes, literally and figuratively, Tech Times. Well, I am hear to tell you as a college student Tech Times is one of your greatest assets to daily life. That one email is chock-full of reminders, fun facts and interesting events happening on campus.

As a communication major, I realize not everyone cares about campus-life and news-related events. However, as a student, you pay to attend this University. Actually, you pay an ungodly amount to attend this University whether you’re on scholarships or not.

It baffles me to think students do not want to be informed about their campus. I know most people will not change their mind about Tech Times even after reading this article, but I hope someone, at least one person, will consider skimming through Tech Times before they delete it.

I know there are more important things to complain about, but staying informed should be a top priority for students on or off campus. Sadly, students seem more apathetic each passing year, and it frightens me. Tech Times is a building block that will, hopefully, lead to more involvement in society in the future.