SGA passes bill to implement sanitation wipe stations in Volpe Library

The Student Government Association passed two bills at the Nov. 3 meeting, which were aimed at students’ experience at Volpe Library. The bills proposed adding sanitation wipe stations around the computer work areas and adding microwaves.

College of Business Senator Kate Shelton proposed adding sanitation wipe stations after noticing how dirty the desks and keyboards can get with use.

"There’s a lot of traffic through the library,” Shelton said, “and a lot of people eat at the computer area and desk area, so more often than not, it’s pretty messy and germy. Hopefully, adding sanitation wipes will stop the spread of viruses.”

Lydia Cantrell, College of Arts and Sciences senator, said she supported the bill because she carries sanitation wipes in her backpack for this very reason.

“When I pull out my wipes to clean the keyboards,” Cantrell said, “I make a lot of friends because they’re like, ‘Wow, what a great idea because these are disgusting.’ I think this bill is great. I don’t have to share my wipes anymore.”

Shelton also mentioned that though the custodial staff cleans the keyboards twice a day, it does not take long for them to get dirty again.

SGA President Bobby Adams also stood and explained to the senators why he supports this bill.

“I’m a huge germophobe, especially after taking microbiology,” Adams said. “Even if you use the hand sanitizer, it’s a one-time thing. You don’t kill all the other germs around you, so they just get back on you, your face and your food. Some people may be lazy, but for germophobes, it’s a do-or-die kind of thing.”

College of Arts and Sciences Senator Brett Windrow proposed adding microwaves to the library so students can have more food options without having to buy from a restaurant on campus.

Freshman Senator Emily Jones noted one major disadvantage of public microwaves.

“I live in a dorm, and whenever someone on my floor microwaves something, you can smell it through the whole hallway. I feel that might be distracting for people trying to study in the library.”

Cantrell mentioned another drawback of microwaves.

“Another thing to think about,” Cantrell said, “is people using the microwave too long or not knowing how to use it and setting off the fire alarms. They’re going to make the entire library hate them for having to evacuate.”

Windrow took note of the senators’ concerns and said there will be some kind of precautionary system so students do not use the microwaves improperly.

Vice President Nick Russell defended the bill though, saying, “We shouldn’t let the irresponsibility of a few take away the right to make food in the library.”

Both bills were passed with only a few abstentions, and are now in the process of being implemented.