Day: November 16, 2015


‘Fallout’ less immersive, still impressive

Since the launch of “Skyrim” in 2011, Bethesda Game Studios has been laying low, plotting the return of arguably its most beloved franchise, “Fallout.” Set in a future nuclear wasteland, the role-playing game series has always been adored for its rich lore, combat and dialogue system. It has all the […]


‘Bob and David’ return by way of Netflix

ABSO-LUTELY – Comedic duo Tim and Eric are executive producers for "With Bob and David." While I’m basically familiar with the late nineties cult classic “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” my knowledge of it stems mostly from nostalgic Buzzfeed articles and my dad’s complaints that TV just isn’t what […]


Global terror crisis serves as wake-up call

THE WORLD MOURNS – Flowers were left as part of the vigils held worldwide for those that lost during the shootings on Friday.  It’s a beautiful, crisp day in Tennessee. The sky is a clear blue, the clouds wispy and unthreatening. Tech’s campus is alive and well, abuzz with excitement over […]


Voters choose the future

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much, if anything, about the presidential election. I can barely tell you who is running for election unless they’ve been bashed on social media, like Donald Trump. I’m a senior graduating in May and I’m about to get into the […]


Yik Yak still current

quot;Is Yik Yak still a thing?" That's what my friend asked me last week while we sat around my apartment, ignoring our homework. It's a solid question, too. I personally have the app installed and it gets a fair amount of traffic, but is it still cool or even socially […]


Golden Eagles gash Governors during second half in Homecoming victory

THE GOLD STANDARD – Ladarius Vanlier sprints down the field during Saturday's Homecoming win. Vanlier earned Co-Offensive OVC Player of the Week honors after scoring four touchdowns against Austin Peay. Photo: Shea Haile Tech has had its way with Austin Peay in recent years. Sans a seven-point loss in 2012, the Golden […]