New pavilion opens to aid intramural staff with organization

As intramural season gears up, the staff is prepared for major changes, including searching for a new coordinator and the completion of the new intramural pavilion.

Victor Martin, assistant coordinator of Campus Recreation, is currently the Interim Intramural Coordinator. Advertising for the new coordinator position will start in a couple of weeks, and the intramural team is hoping to fill the position by May.

“We need a professional to be at the events, but also a professional to organize the program, so it is very busy right now,” said David Mullinax, director of Campus Recreation.

There is a lot of work that goes into the program, from the coordinator position to the graduate assistants. “There are anywhere from 50 to 75 students working for us right now,” said Mullinax.

Once the evening rolls around, games begin and all the student workers prepare for their jobs, making the nighttime just as busy as the daytime. Currently, the only major sport that has started is basketball.

“We have about 100 teams this year, and that takes a lot of work,” said Mullinax.

Jonah Devaney, a junior chemistry major, plays on an intramural basketball team this year and explained, “Everything has gone smoothly this intramural season, in my opinion. I know there are a lot of teams this year, but it has been organized and on schedule.”

Along with the management changes, the new intramural pavilion will be opening in two weeks. The pavilion contains a new check-in area, eliminating previous hassle, restrooms and concessions. The intramural fields will also be getting a new irrigation system to help with the condition of the fields.

“The program keeps getting bigger and bigger, and we need to plan for that,” said Mullinax.

On the same topic of sports and changes, breaking ground for the new fitness center will begin in September 2016.

“We are looking at 160,000 square feet. The fitness center will take up a third or better of that block on ninth Street and Willow Avenue. We are set to move into the building fall of 2018, so it’ll be really exciting,” said Mullinax.