University room reservation moves to new online system

Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 10, students and faculty will be able to reserve rooms on campus with just the click of a button and without any paperwork.

The Virtual Events Management System will allow students, faculty and staff to be able to quickly and easily request room reservations on campus for a variety of events or meetings.

Instead of calling different offices on campus to check room availability, the changes will make reserving a room much more efficient.

The online reservation system has multiple features that will improve the overall process of reserving a room, such as being able to see what rooms are available to reserve on certain days and the events on campus that are already scheduled.

Diane Smith, assistant to the vice president for planning and finance, said, “Now you can browse online to see if a space is available before even making that phone call. If you don’t know what certain building, you can search for a size of room available from this or this time, and it will tell you what your options are.”

Users will also be able to search by features if something specific is needed such as if the room has a projector or laptop, room setup type, a specific area on campus or space needed.

“It should make it a lot more streamline,” Smith said.

The system will also be beneficial for administration in the fact that it will give them the access to see, should there be a crisis on campus, where and when groups are meeting or an event is being held.

Students will be able to access the online reservation system under the student tab on Tech’s website. The student’s username and password are required in order to access the system and see scheduled event information.

People who are not affiliated with Tech will be able to access the system by clicking on the Events at Tech tab at the bottom of Tech’s website.

Reserving rooms are free of charge to students, faculty and staff for events that are campus related or sponsored by Tech.

For non-campus related events, users will need to fill out a work order form that will be a request for custodial and rental fees, as well as the reservation form.

Online reservations are required to be submitted at least three days in advance and will be reviewed by appointed faculty advisors. A confirmation email will be sent upon approval.

Reference guides and other helpful forms can be found through the VEMS Request Process link on the Events Management System’s home page.