Students concerned with Tech’s communication on class cancellation policy

CAMPUS SAFETY – Members of facilities work diligently to clear the entrances to buildings across campus. Some students are concerned with the University’s means of communication in regard to class cancellation and severe winter weather.

The recent snow and icy weather in Cookeville has inconvenienced many Tech students’ and faculty members’ transportation to campus, class schedules and safe navigation on icy sidewalks.

Many students are upset about the delay of class cancellations in unpredictable weather conditions. Journalism student Taylor Harling commutes to Tech every day at 6 a.m. from Gallatin in Sumner County, and she experiences consistent difficulty in traveling to campus in dicey weather.

“My biggest struggle with the weather complications is the difference between the weather in Gallatin and Cookeville,” said Harling.

According to Harling, the snow is often worse in Cookeville than surrounding cities, which makes it more difficult to make it to campus in the event classes are not canceled.

“I think Tech handles it all right, but it would be nice to know about closings sooner,” said Harling. “I drove an hour and a half to get here Tuesday just to sit in class for an hour and have the rest of my classes canceled due to snow.”

According to University Police Director Tony Nelson, the University Police Department did not respond to any weather-related accidents during the inclement weather due to the lack of people driving on campus.

“The best way to minimize accidents during inclement weather is to remember to slow down, as most accidents happen due to an individual having limited driving experience on snow and ice and attempting to drive at speeds in which the vehicle cannot be stopped if you have to stop suddenly,” said Nelson.

Not every student was upset with how the University handled the weather conditions. EXPW major Andrew Fortner thought Tech has been doing its best to appropriately deal with inclement weather.

“I think overall the University handled the situation well,” Fortner said. “I do wish they would let us know sooner when school is canceled.”

Professors and Tech administration continue to work on communication with students about assignments and inclement weather plans of action through iLearn and Tech’s social media pages.