All work and no sleep: One student defends the merits of part-time jobs

WORKING THROUGH THE WEEKEND – Many students choose to work part-time jobs through college. This often means sacrifi cing sleep to keep up with studies.

Depending on the student, Friday night can be dedicated to a part-time job or partying. Saturdays can be reserved for catching up on sleep or a double shift.

A new U.S. Census report determined that 71 percent of the nation's 19.7 million college undergraduates work part-time jobs. Of that number, one in five undergraduates work at least 35 hours a week year-round.

Some college students are able to attend school without the burden of a part-time job taking away their free time. I, however, do not fall under that category.

I have three part-time jobs averaging 30 hours a week, along with 17 credit hours. I work nights and weekends while also balancing my schoolwork. Sometimes I’m jealous of my friends who don’t have jobs because they seem to have more fun, time to relax, or simply because their parents pay for everything.

I insist on working anyway. I’ve always had a strong desire to work and make my own money. I don’t like asking for money. I like developing new skills, meeting new people, and, of course, receiving my paychecks.

Over the years, working part-time jobs and being a full-time student has given me with many benefits, with the most important benefit being improved time management skills.

Having a part-time job has forced me to learn time management skills that I’ll need for the rest of my life. I use my planner religiously, and without it, my life would be a wreck. Since I have a limited amount of free hours throughout the week, I have to set aside specific times to complete my assignments because I can’t do it at any other time.

I honestly believe that having a job through college has made me the determined student I am today. Even though I can’t go out with my friends every chance I get, I know having a job will pay of in the long run. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.