College students can make America great once again

TRIUMPHANT – March's primary elections revealed the Republican front-runner as Donald Trump.

The Super Tuesday Primaries in the South recently came to an end with Hilary Clinton winning 1614 delegates to lead the Democratic Party and Trump taking 678 delegates to lead the Republican Party. Bernie Sanders fell short of Clinton gaining only 856 delegates, however he won’t give up his campaign.

Sanders is a hit across college campus and among young people all together. Memes supporting him can be found on almost any social media site, and when you typically ask a young person for whom they are going to vote, they’ll say Sanders. If that’s the case, then why aren’t Sanders’ numbers higher?

According to a report by USA Today, it seems like college student just aren’t voting, which is evident in the recent primaries’ turnout. When President Obama ran, the voter turnout among young adults, 18-28 years old, reached an all time high. 22million-23million young adults voted in the 2008 election, which was a critical factor in the turnout. Obama won the election with 67 percent against Mitt Romney’s 30 percent. If Sanders could get the same turnout of young adults, it would boost his numbers crucially.

Trump and his supporters often set a negative example of how a campaign should be run. For someone who plans to make a country great again, he has so much hatred at his rallies. He offers to bail people out if they punch protestors rather than just letting them be escorted out. He denounces affiliation or knowing leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, yet the KKK has chosen to endorse him. Trump publicly spews claims about minorities, which often times are just gut feelings not actually based on research. His supporters seem to be blinded his bold promises of “making America great!”

Sanders has views on making college debt free and bringing racial equality to the forefront of American politics. He also wants to give Medicare to everyone and create decent paying jobs. He also fights for veterans and lowering prescription drug prices. Clinton covers a lot of the same topics as well as K-12 education, gun safety in schools and gun reform. Trump boasts about keeping the Second Amendment right to bare arms, wants to reform immigration, removing Obama care, fixing trade with china, as well as tax reform.

Trump’s campaign is simpler and easier to follow but doesn’t help anyone except the already successful. At least Clinton and Sanders keep the public in mind. Sanders has stayed true to his word and hasn’t flipped sides. No, he isn’t the most exciting person to follow but he is real. Clinton has been caught switching sides on her LGBT views. Either way college students have to get out and vote because we have the power to make America great again. Education is always the best route, and though many Americans make livings without a college education, Americans could be pushing the boundaries of every field, if we put more emphasis on the importance of education. Education is the future because children are the future, and whatever creates the best living environment for them is what’s important.