WingIt returns to Tech through The Birdfeeder foodtruck

Tennessee Tech University recently announced that WingIt would be returning to campus but this time on The Birdfeeder.

Tennessee Tech News broke the news through Twitter and with it brought excitement from students who were here when WingIt was previously here.

“I love WingIt,” said Ryan Angel, a former student. He used to eat it every day before Tech took it away and said he would do the same now. “I wouldn’t compare it to Buffalo Wild Wings but it was closer in location than BWW’s, so it was a good trade.”

WingIt is now available in The Birdfeeder and will be there for the rest of the semester. Students will have to use flex dollars or their own money to make a purchase.

The Birdfeeder is a food truck that is stationed among different places on campus. You will sometimes see it at the end of the quad by Oakley Hall or in the commuter parking lot behind Memorial Gym.

“I never really have bought food from The Birdfeeder,” said Hannah Goodwin, a junior at TTU. “I see it all the time in different spots on campus and there seems to always be people ordering or waiting for food around it.”

Students were excited when Chick Fil A came to campus. It brought in a well-known place to eat, but with its arrival came the loss of WingIt. The spring semester of 2014 brought the end of WingIt and the snack shack beside it.

WingIt provided a different type of food than your regular burger and chicken sandwiches. It served traditional and boneless chicken wings with a variety of sauces to choose from, and also sides from potato wedges to macaroni and cheese.

“Another addition to campus food is always for the better,” said Robert Ottinger, a senior business major. Ottinger likes to have a selection to pick from to eat.

“Once WingIt was on campus for my freshman and sophomore years, I kind of got tired of it,” said Ottinger. “Now that Chick Fil A and Zona have been on campus I have gotten tired of them so I am always happy to see new places to eat, or in this case a return of WingIt.”