The Fit: Renovations to install an HVAC bullet system

Mistaken by many students as a walking bridge from the Tennessee Technological University Hooper Eblen Center to the Fitness Center, the exterior renovations between the two buildings are installing a heating, ventilation and air conditioning, HVAC, bullet system independent of the rest of Tech’s campus.

Fitness Center Director David Mullinax said the new heating and air system will operate for the Hoop and the Fit only, which will allow for more efficient and cheaper use of the system.

“We’ve needed to be independent for a long time,” said Fitness Center assistant director Suzann Hensley.

The end result of the renovations will be a two-story entrance area with a walk-through covered area at the Fit’s entrance on the first level and the boilers on the second level. The second level will not be accessible.

The renovations will also enable the pool heating system to be heated by gas rather than steam. The Fit’s indoor pool will then be available year-round rather than closing for 20 days each year.

“It’s a real positive thing, and once it gets finished, it will be a good improvement for the Hoop and the Fit,” said Mullinax.

The Fit’s entrance will be under construction until October or November, during which time students can use the pool patio deck entrance to access the inside of the Fit.

The Fit will celebrate its 25th year of operation this summer, and improvements and enhancements to the building are necessary to maintain a positive facility for the students, faculty, staff and the community to use.